Owning our Future as Better Stewards of the Earth

Every passing year, the state of Earth’s health is getting worse, we’re up to our eyes in pollution, and global warming is making its permanent mark in an international proportion. Even Elon Musk — the alleged man from the future — is telling us it’s already too late. Well, I tend to agree with him considering modern man’s voracious consumption lifestyle and inefficient production methods. It is time for us to take care of the places where we live and work.

No Better Time to Start than Today

We need to start living better. The quality of our food is important for us and so are the natural resources we use. We need to start using them wisely. I believe that the future belongs to those who learn how to live in harmony with nature and to preserve it for future generations. We can’t be a part of the solution if we keep on consuming, polluting and destroying the environment. The future belongs to those who learn to live in harmony with nature and to preserve it for future generations.

The Urban Farming Challenge

There are many reasons why people want to grow their own food, but the main one is that they want to eat healthier food. The quality of food is getting lower every year. Our bodies can’t handle processed food anymore and they lack vitamins and minerals that can help us to recover from a day’s work.

Food production has become a big business. We have supermarkets and even farmers markets that sell food. But this doesn’t mean that we have good food. It’s not healthy for us to have it. Even though we have a lot of money in our pockets, we don’t have the time to buy organic food. We need to start growing our own food in our cities.

Technology CAN Be a Solution

The urbanization of the world is growing rapidly and so is the number of people that don’t have access to fresh and healthy food. Technology has allowed us to have virtual meetings, but it has not led to a better lifestyle. We have to change this. Technology can help us to start producing food in the cities we live in. This technology can help us to grow food in the right way. This will help us to have better health, lead to less pollution and help to regenerate Mother Earth.

The idea of this site is to help you to understand the possibilities of this technology. You will learn different advances in agriculture using household materials, DIY, until 3D printing and robotics. We will explore how different technology can be used to grow food in the city.

We will discuss the elements involved in the process of creating an urban farm. This includes hydroponic farming, aquaponics, vertical farms and producing food in small spaces. You will also learn about the various methods of growing food and what each one does to the environment.

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